Monday – Friday

Lunch special $7.99
(10:00 am-3:00 pm.)

Served with one Spring roll, cup of Tom yum soup and Fried rice.

Pad Thai Flat noodle with chicken, green onions and bean sprouts.Topped with peanuts.
Pad Sieew Wide noodles fried with eggs,chicken,broccoli, and carrots.
Vientiane Stir fry. Chicken,broccoli,bell peppers,mushroom and bamboo.

Pho special all day $5.99
Small size with your choice of beef and meatball, vegetables and tofu or chicken.

Fish dished Friday
(off up to 15% until the end of Lent)
Served with soup and your choice of rice.

Streamed Tilapia $12 (with discount )
served with special Laotian dipping sauce and steamed veggies.

Fried Tilapia $17 (with discount )
Topped with sweet and sour sauce, pineapple,mushrooms,bell peppers and white onions.